Britney Spears Criticised By Twitter Users Over New Year’s Eve Concert’s Song Lip Sync 

Source: The Hollywood Gossip 

The people  on twitter criticized Britney Spears for not actually singing at her concert.

She performed at the Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas, where she just moved around on stage to the tune of “Work B-tch” and “Toxic.”

Some tweets reads:

“Oh great, Britney is going to mime AND lip sync another song for us”.

“I think they should just put a cardboard cut out with a musical recording of Britney Spears singing. All she does now is seemingly lip sync. #RockinEve Britney”. Remarked another.

Who does @britneyspears think she’s fooling? If your dance moves aren’t the same as 2006, clearly your vocals wouldn’t be either…. good try though. #RockinEve”.Tweeted by another 


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