Osama Bin Laden’s Grandson Is Dead

Osama Bin Laden, the well-known bomber who was behind 9/11 attack on America, was recorded by official, the death of his grandson.

The boy,also called Osama, was worshipped by his father Hamza Bin Laden for his ‘martyrdom’ in death.

Source: Dailymail

Hamza who is hailed as the ‘heir’ to the leadership of al-Qaeda, mourned the death of the ‘hero cub’ and described his son as the ‘grandson of bravery’,in a letter he wrote. He also said he liked to act out scenes of martyrdom when he was playing.

The letter and picture of the young Osama was published by the Global Islamic Media Front which is al-Qaeda’s propaganda department. 

The letter, ‘Letter From Sheikh Mujahid Hamza Bin Laden’, says:

The grandson of the martyr, our son Osama… has ascended to the highest paradise of heaven.

Tragedies that we meet… such as these only make us stronger and more steadfast.

We console ourselves and you on the martyrdom on the hero cub… the grandson of bravery… our son Osama, may Allah have mercy upon him.

Source: Independent.co.uk

The age of the boy hasn’t been disclosed yet and so has the cause of his death been confirmed yet.

Source: UNILAD

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