11 Unbelievable Uses Of Toothpaste That You Never Knew About 

Toothpaste is something we can’t do without because we have to make sure our teeth are clean and our breath smells nice but what we didn’t know is that it’s not only meant to be used on our teeth only. To get a more effective result in all the points listed below,it’s advisable to use a non-gel formula, preferably the old Colgate toothpaste.
Here are a 11 tested uses for toothpaste:

1. Clears Pimples.

Source: BrightSide

Apply a little amount of toothpaste on your pimple and leave it on overnight. The toothpaste will dry and shrink the pimple by dehydrating it and absorbing the oil.

2. Cleans the Sneakers.

Source: Influenster

Using toothpaste to clean the rubber part of your sneakers can whiten the rubber part of your sneakers. Apply the toothpaste on the rubber part of your sneaker and use a toothbrush or any scrub brush and scrub the area with the toothpaste. After scrubbing and the stain vanishes, clean up the toothpaste with a clean damp cloth.
3. Cleans The Bottom Of A Iron.

Source: AwesomeJelly

By applying a small amount of toothpaste on the bottom plate of the iron and using a brush to scrub it off can help you remove the dirt easily.
4. Helps In Removing Peels From Your Leather Shoes.

Source: Wikihow

To easily remove scuffs from your leather shoes,pour a small amount of toothpaste over the peeled area and wipe it off.

5. Removes DVD Scratches.

Source: Tested

With a small amount of toothpaste, apply it on the scratched disc and use a soft cloth to wipe it off. Note: Applying too much toothpaste can spoil the disc.

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6. Makes The Sink Shine.

Source: Instructables

With a soft cloth, rub the toothpaste gently around the sink, and rinse it off with water.

7. Prevents Steam From Shower Glass Or Mirror.

Source: Pinterest

Apply toothpaste on the glass or mirror and wipe it off before you shower. You will notice when you are done bathing that the bathroom glass or mirror won’t have steams after your hot shower.

8. As A Hand Sanitizer.

Source: YouTube 

Toothpaste  also helps to get rid of odors on your hands. The odor will be gone immediately.
9. Eliminates Odor From Plastic Bottles.

Source: Packaging Gateway 

Toothpaste helps in removing odor from plastic bottles. For instance, if you forget to wash off a bottle immediately after use and remember it after the leftover has become smelly and sour,using toothpaste to clean it removes the odor immediately. Apply small amount of toothpaste on the bottle cleaning brush and then use it to scrub the bottle. Rinse the bottle well after scrubbing it.

10. Polishes Ornaments

Source: jewelsmiths

To make your jewellery sparkle, scrub your jewelry with toothpaste and a toothbrush with soft bristles. Rinse it off with water.

11. Gets Rid Of Crayon Stains On The Wall.

Source: Trendingtop5

 Pour some toothpaste on the affected side of the wall and scrub it. You’ll notice the crayon marks going while scrubbing. Clean off the toothpaste on the wall with water.

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