Ghana Disqualified Recruits With Stretch Marks& Bleached Skin


The Ghanaian Immigration Service (GIS) disqualified candidates who had bleached skins and stretch marks from a massive recruitment exercise.

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A GIS spokesman in an interview said they disqualified them because people with such marks might bleed during the “strenuous” training.
The bar was condemned as sexist and unfair by Ghanaians  and people with tattoos, dreadlocks and “bow legs” were also disqualified from the exercise.
The GIS received about 84,000 applications for 500 jobs only .

Source: Information Nigeria 

The Superintendent , Michael Amoako-Attah said in an interview:

“The kind of work we do, it’s strenuous and the training is such that if you have bleached skin or surgical marks on your body during training exercises, you may incur some bleedings.”

The GIS recruitment process states that candidates must undergo a medical and a full body check.

What do you guys think, should the ban on stretch marks be applauded, or is it unnecessary and purely irrelevant? And should bleached skinned girls be condemned or praised? 

Source: BBC News 

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