WORK GONE BAD: Sex Worker Falls Down 5 Floors To Her Death While Having ‘Extravagant Sex’

A female prostitute fell five floors to her death during an ‘extravagant balcony sex’ on a hotel balcony.

Source: Daily mail

The local police CCTV footage shows Wannipa Janhuathon, 26-year-old, going home with Briton Reece Vella, 25-year-old , who is a convicted rapist.

Vella, who is from Birmingham, West Midlands, was arrested on Monday by the Thai police in connection with Wannipa’s death.

Source: Daily mail

Wannipa, who was also known as Joy, was found dead,naked and with a half-empty packet of sex drugs in an apartment in tourist hot spot Pattaya on Saturday morning.

The surveillance images show the two of them walking next to each other and minutes after, Vella, who paid her 1,500 baht, or just £34, for sex.
They both arrived at the Cosy Beach View condominium at 3.13am and she died 2 hours and 15 minutes after.

She was seen standing, bent slightly forward in black shorts and a white top and Vella, wearing a black shirt, army pattern shorts and trainers, stood behind her.

She was found dead some hours later, she suffered severe head injuries due to the fall, while Vella allegedly fled on a motorbike with her phone.

The 26-year-old prostitute worked at a bar in high-risk holiday resort in Pattaya, Thailand, for several months, helping to support her family who lived in the country’s north-east region.

Source: Daily mail

Vella who has allegedly been living in the country illegally, on an expired visa is being hunted by the UK police.

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He is being charged of causing death by neagligent or reckless behaviour, and faces up to 10 years in prison or a fine of 200,000 Thai baht.

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Source: Daily mail

The police said that Vella used a motorbike as a getaway vehicle and that he had been staying in the country illegally for 59 days after his visa had expired.

He arrested on Sunday by 4pm at a nearby bar and he confirmed having sex with Wannipa in the bedroom and on the balcony. But Vella denied that he was having sex on the balcony with her when she fell to her death.

Source: Daily mail

A police source in an interview said:

 “The area that’s being investigated more is what happened that caused Wannipa to fall.”

“Was she alone or was she having sex at that moment? We think that this kinky sex on the balcony caused her to fall.”

“This is what we are trying to build the evidence to prove. The suspect then ran away.”

Source: Daily mail

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