Cardi B Ready To Leave Offset?

Cardi B shared a video on her instagram page of her singing a sad song and she was topless in the video.

Source: Variety 

The 25-year-old female rapper who is engaged to Offset, sang Amanda Miguel‘s “Mi Buen Corazon”, which translates “My Good Heart”, with the caption: “Mood..Never Again”. Since the video was uploaded, her fans has been thinking of if she finally wants to leave her fiance Offset.

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The video was uploaded hours after she clapped back a fan who criticised her for still staying with Offset after he cheated on her multiple times. 

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The fan wrote:

“Cardi B you deserve somebody better than Offset,” 

and she responded: 

“Don’t tell about who I deserve with him or not you don’t know how he matured me. Before I met him I ain’t got a lawyer, business management and I was insecure about my music. He helped give me confidence and helped me get my business situated.”

With the release of this video, we can’t still say if she’s still defending Offset. I guess we just have to wait and watch.


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