Who Can See The Super Blue Blood Moon?

Noah Petro, a scientist for the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, said in an interview:

 “best enjoyed by people who are out in the West.”

Source: The Independent 

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While people on the East Coast will have a full view of the super blue moon, they won’t get to see the lunar eclipse, which will be starting just as the moon is setting for the Central and Eastern time zones, Petro said.

Source: ResetEra

People in the Central time zone may get a glimpse of the eclipse, but once the sun rises and the moon sets, it will be too bright outside to detect the eclipse, New York City-based photographer Stan Honda told ABC News.

Source: Unilad

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People in the Mountain time zone and westward, to Alaska, Hawaii, Guam and across the Pacific Ocean to eastern Asia and Australia, will have “a front row seat” of the super blue blood moon, Petro said.

Source: ABC News

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    […] RELATED: Who Can See The Super Blue Blood Moon?  […]

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    […] RELATED:  Who Can See The Super Blue Blood Moon? […]

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