How To Stream The 2018 Winter Olympics For Free On Snapchat 

The 2018 Winter Olympics will allow fan to be able to stream it live through Snapchat. NBC Sports will stream 2-6 minutes clips directly through the app from the Winter Olympics which will be taking place in PyeongChang, South Korea.

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Snapchat announced this week that users can opt to be notified about when key events from popular sports like snowboarding and figure skating begin, and can watch the short segments on the app as they happen.
The feature is part of a deal NBC made with Snapchat for exclusive content for the 2018 Winter Olympics. The partnership is just one of several between the two companies, which have close ties. 

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NBCUniversal invested $500 million in Snap Inc. when the company went public in 2017. The two companies also worked together during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, when NBC had a Snapchat “Discover” channel that included clips from the Games.

The partnership this time around also includes what Snap calls “Context Cards.” Those cards, which will be available in the “Our Stories” function on the app, includes details like the schedule for the Winter Olympics, medals awarded and news coverage of the event.

The Olympic live streaming will be available on the Snapchat app starting Feb. 10, and the Context Cards will be available Feb. 9. Figure skating, alpine skiing, skeleton, freestyle skiing and bobsled segments will be available. The opening ceremony for the 2018 Winter Olympics will take place on Feb. 9.
Other features from the Snap-NBC partnership include filters and stickers for Snapchat users, two Snapchat-based shows from NBC following snowboarding athletes and gold-medal favorites and Team USA athletes posting their own stories on the app throughout the Games.
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