Man Gets Stuck In A Cafe Toilet While Trying To Retrieve His IPhone 8

A man in Liuzhou, China, got his arm stuck in a squat toilet while trying to retrieve his iPhone 8.
The man, surnamed Tang, who was drinking with some friends at a local hotel’s cafe, last weekend, decided he had to go to the toilet to relieve himself. As he was checking his phone while relieving himself in a squat toilet, Tang fumbled, and dropped his new iPhone 8 in the toilet.

He had paid around 8,000 yuan ($1,300) for that fancy handheld, so as soon as the iPhone went into the squat toilet hole, he got down on all four and stuck his arm in after it. He couldn’t reach it, so he kept pushing his arm further in, all the way up to his shoulder. At that point, Tang realized two things – he wasn’t going to reach his phone, and his arm had become stuck in a public toilet.

Too embarrassed to call for help, Tang spent 20 minutes trying to free himself, but his arm had swollen due to pressure, and he soon realized he wasn’t getting out of there without assistance. So he put his pride to the side and called for help. The janitor found him on the toilet floor and immediately called the local firefighters.

Luckily for Tang, though, he might be able to buy himself a new phone, with the compensation he got from the hotel. The Global Times reports that the man negotiated compensation with the hotel immediately after the incident.

Source: Oddity Central 

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