Trump Gives Buhari Some Presidential Advice 

The President of United States of America, Donald Trump, and the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, had a joint press conference in Washington D.C on Monday April 30. 

One of the things President Trump told President Buhari, was the corruption and killing issues, and he (Trump) told him (Buhari) to cut down corruption and the killings going on in various parts of the country.

He said:

“Nigeria has a massive reputation for corruption. I discussed it with the president and we agreed to do something on it. The President (Buhari) has to do something about it. He has to cut down the corruption element in the country.

We are deeply concern about the killings and the and burning of churches and the persecution of Christians in Nigeria. It is a terrible story. We encourage Nigeria and the government federal, states, and local to do everything in their power and to immediately secure the affected areas and to protect innocent civilians of all faiths, including Muslims and Christians.” 

President Trump also talked on the case of the insurgents in the North-Eastern part of the country and how the United States is planning to assist Nigeria to curb terrorism.

“We want to assist Nigeria by facilitating intelligence, co-operation, and providing training and military equipment to Nigerian forces. For example, we recently sold Nigeria 12 A-29 Super Tacuno Aircraft in the first-ever sale of American military equipment to Nigeria. This aircraft will allow Nigeria target terrorists and protect civilians.”


He also said that the Tacuno Aircraft will be delivered to Nigeria very soon as he expressed optimism on the relationship the two countries are currently enjoying. He also said the U.S military are in the country to provide training to the Nigerian forces.

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