DJ Khaled Sues Company For The Use Of Asahd’s Name

According to TMZ, DJ Khaled filed a lawsuit against Curtis Bordenave and his company, Business Consulting, accusing Bordenave of filing trademarks for ‘We The Best Lifestyle,’Asahd Couture,’ and ‘Asahd.’ He also claims that Bordenave’s company has already made clothes designed Asahd’s name, which, according to Khaled,

“caused confusion for customers and unfair profits for Curtis.”

Billy (DJ Khaled) says he has been working on his own business called Haddad Brands, and that Bordenave has attempted to stop the company from using anything related to Asahd’s name. Khaled also noted that Bordenave has done this with other celebrities like: “Cardi B,” “Stormi Couture,” and “Cynthia Bailey Eyewear.”

Khaled is asking the company to stop using Asahd’s name and is seeking any profits made from Asahd-related branding.

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