Boy Goes Into Coma After Donating 6 Pints Of Blood (Photo)

Boy in coma after donating 6 pints to an illegal blood bank operator for N2,000.

Achibulu Paul, a 45-year-old man was arrested in Lagos, for using minors and collecting their blood at his apartment in Shomolu, Lagos, which he used as an illegal blood bank and sold them to hospitals. He paid the minors N2,000 for each collection.

(Left: Achibulu, Right: Ayomide)

All seemed to be going well till last Saturday, when one of the minors, collapsed, after donating six pints of blood.

The victim, Ayomide Adesanya, a 17-year-old boy is still unconscious in one of the hospitals in Bariga area of Shomolu.

According to the Lagos State Police Command, Achibulu had collected blood twice last week from the victim. The first collection was three pints of blood, which was done last Monday and last Saturday another three pints of blood was collected by the suspect before the teenager fainted moments later.

When asked what he used the blood for, the suspect said:

“I sell it to hospitals and several other laboratories for N7,000 per pint.”

He also claimed that he didn’t know the boy was underage. He said:

“It was when his parents came to confront me that I knew he was 17. He told me he was 20. I am a lab scientist. I was trained five years ago at the Nigerian Institute of Laboratory Science Technology.

Lab technicians from hospitals used to come and buy blood from me. I used to sell the blood through my assistant, Alfa. He’s the one who knows the hospitals he sold to. I do not know where he is at the moment.”

Achibulu took the Commissioner of Police and other policemen to a hospital within the area which he usually sold blood.

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The hospital’s Chief Medical Director and other indicted staff have been asked to appear at the command’s headquarters within 48 hours to narrate their side of the story.

The victim’s mother said:

“my daughter received a telephone call from one of her friends, who informed her that my son was seen on a motorbike unconscious.

When I was informed, I rushed home, found him in that state and took him to the hospital.”

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