Drunk Man Accidentally Pierces His Face With A Pan (Photos)

A drunk man who slipped and fell, landed with the handle of the pan pierced his face, four inches lodged in his eye socket.

The 64-year-old man was stumbling around looking for kitchen utensils after having too much to drink. He lost his balance and fell forward towards the kitchen counter where he pierced his eye socket with a looped metal panhandle.

He surprisingly managed to call the emergency services and he was rushed by air ambulance to the hospital in a critical condition.

The accident happened at his home in Karlsruhe in the south-western German state of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

Dr Carla Sander, said :

“The cooking pan’s handle was positioned 10 centimetres in situ, coming from above, breaking through the right orbital rim.”

Luckily for the man, the panhandle entered his eye socket just below his right eyeball and missed the brain.The team of doctors made up by Dr Carla Sander, Dr Ali Kurt, Prof Anton Dunsche and Dr Taha Tolga Sonmez performed emergency surgery lasting several hours.

They successfully managed to remove the panhandle but also saved the man’s sight.

Dr Sander said:

“After waking up the patient, visual acuity was possible. There was no visual impairment.”

He was discharged after seven days in hospital.

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