The 2018 World Cup Nigerian Fans Stranded In Kaliningrad

100 Nigerian FIFA 2018 World Cup fans are reportedly stranded in Kaliningrad. According to them, they had planned to take a train from Kaliningrad to Moscow after their team( Super Eagles) lost their first match on Saturday to Croatia 2-0, but they did not have the required visas to pass through countries like Lithuania and Latvia.
Russian officials who came to their rescue provided flights for them but at a cost. But the Nigerian fans said it was too expensive. According to them, they were told the flight ticket was affordable but eventually turned out to be 28,000 Rubles ($442).

Kaliningrad’s press said in a released statement:

“Full support has been given to the Nigerian supporters who despite multiple warnings from FIFA and information alerts from the consulate, were not able to travel from Kaliningrad to Moscow on June 16.
A large number of the Nigerians flew to the capital on June 18. Around 20 people already have plane tickets for the 19th.”

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