Father Kills His 2 Sons With Poison Over Witchcraft Suspicion(photos)

The Bayelsa State Police Command arrested Mr Sunday Otasi for allegedly killing his 2 sons with a poisonous substance which was identified as Sniper, over a suspicion of witchcraft.

The 42-year-old father got the help of his younger brother, Levai Ayah, and they tied the boys to trees and forced them to drink the Sniper.

The incident was confirmed by the state’s commissioner for police, Aminu Selah, who disclosed that the father had made a confessional statement, while the search for the younger brother is still ongoing.

The third son who was also tied to a tree managed to escape and is in critical condition.

Otasi, who hails from Agbobiri-Okodia in the Yenagoa local government area of Bayelsa, took his three sons, Success 14, Miracle 12, and Godstime 10, to a bush along Glory Drive Road, Igbogene, Yenagoa, with the help of his younger brother, Levai Ayah and tied the boys to trees and forced them to drink the poison.

According to reports, the children were said to have gotten into trouble with their father in September 2018 when a Yenagoa-based prophet, George Odoko, of the George Odoko Outreach Ministries, told Otasi that his children were wizards and were responsible for his illness, and since then, Otasi and his relatives reportedly tortured the children, based on the belief that they had been bewitched by their mother, who was no longer in the family.

Otasi, however, denied killing his sons, saying he only brought them to Yenagoa on December 29, 2018, for deliverance at Odoko’s church, because the prophet could not attend to them and he told his younger brother, Ajah, to return his children to his mother in the village.

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He further claimed of having no knowledge of what happened to his children, saying “I don’t know what my brother did to my children on the way back to the village.”

Questioned in his hospital bed, the surviving son, Success, said he and his brothers were taken to the bush and forced to drink poison by their father and his brother.

He further said that his father told them they were going for a church service in Yenagoa, but diverted to the bush where they were tied up and given the substance to drink.He said:

My father came to take us from our grandmother and told us that we were going to a church in Yenagoa, but when we got to the road, he and his brother took us to the bush and tied me and my younger brothers to trees and gave us ‘Sniper’ to drink.

I managed to come to the road after I used my legs to untie the rope and people saw me and took me to the hospital.

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