Man Threatens To Release Lady’s Nudes Over N6k(photos)

A Facebook group has been bubbling after a young man threatened to release the nude pictures of a lady who “scammed” him of N6,000.

According to the man, he sent N6,000 to the lady as transport fare to visit him in Lagos from Abuja and since then, but failed to come and also told him different stories concerning the money.

The man reached out to the group Admin identified as Ogechi, to help warn the lady that if she doesn’t return his money, he will release her nude pictures which was sent while they were sex chatting.

Below is what the Admin Ogechi wrote:

I posted this story here yesterday but some of u said that I made it up just to get comments and likes. U can now read the full details of our conversation. Am still pleading to the young lady to return the money because some guys have no heart of forgiveness.

A lot of people were saying that 6k is nothing, yes I agree also disagree. So people can’t afford to let go of ten kobo while others may see it as nothing. The best thing for the young lady to do is to return the money and move on with her life.

U can read where the young man stated that she have no single idea , that he has those pictures. I didn’t want to post those pictures because of her privacy. They were many.

The young man screenshot all those nudes when they were doing Sex video. Ladies be careful what u do with ur phones because it may backfire on u. Pls young lady return the money for peace sake. U know who u are, pls do the right thing and save ur self some shame. Thank u all for ur understanding. Let peace and love lead us this 2019.

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