Scott Disick & Daughter Slammed For Racist Photo

Scott Disick posted a photo of himself and his daughter Penelope at what appears to be an Asian-style restaurant on Thursday morning.

In the photo Penelope pulled her eyelids in such a way to mimick Asian people.

Since the photo went viral, it has received so many bad reviews. Here are some of the reviews…

“I’m Asian and that was racist,” commented one angry follower.

“She must have seen someone do it to think it’s okay,” wrote another.

“Teach her not to do the Chinese eye thing at a sushi restaurant. Don’t teach her to be a racist. Cause that’s what’s gonna happen,” a third pointed out.

“She is a little f**king girl making a goofy face in a picture with her dad,” wrote one such fan.

“What race of people even have eyes like that???? Seriously get a life, it’s a child who wouldn’t even know what racism is,” commented another.

She is a child. She doesn’t know better and she is lifting her eyes. Not stretching Opens a New Window. them sideways,” remarked a third.

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