Woman Uses Stolen Car To Kill A Manicurist She Owes Some Money

A 21-year-old Las Vegas woman is wanted by the police for allegedly using a stolen car to run over and kill a Las Vegas nail salon owner who chased her last weekend for failing to pay for a $35 manicure.

The suspect, Krystal Whipple, tried to pay for her manicure with a fraudulent credit card and told the manicurist, Ngoc Q. Nguyen and her husband that she was going to her car to get cash before beginning to drive away.

Las Vegas police released storefront security video footage of the Saturday afternoon incident showing Nguyen jumping in front of a black sedan before being dragged beneath the car as it speeds away, along with a plea for information on the whereabouts of the suspect, Krystal Whipple.

The husband, whose name has not been released, can be seen in the security footage holding onto the vehicle from behind.

Police said the car was a rental stolen last month and was later found abandoned at a nearby apartment complex.

According to Clark County District Court records, Whipple was convicted in 2017 in Las Vegas of attempted possession of a stolen vehicle. She was sentenced to four months in jail last year for violating probation in that case.

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