Sister Of A Victim In The Abeokuta Car Crash Says The Accident Was Set For Ritual Purposes By Yahoo Boys

Last Friday, a Toyota Avensis car lost control due to a tyre burst, somersaulted and crushed four students of the Government Technical College and one other person to death in Abeokuta, Ogun State.

An elder sister, Temitope Hammed, to one of the victims, Misturat Titilope Hammed, 20-years-old, blamed Yahoo boys for the accident.

The Spokesperson, Traffic Compliance and Enforcement Corps (TRACE) IN Ogun State, Mr Babatunde Akinbiyi, confirmed the incident in Abeokuta on Saturday. He said the car lost control due to tyre burst, somersaulted and hit the students where they were seated in front of a house. He said:

The vehicle lost control due to tyre burst and speeding , sumarsaulted and went to meet people sitting down outside a house instantly killing five of them and injuring two others.

The accident occurred around 10:40pm. Four female college students and a little girl died on the spot. We Learnt they were students of Government Technical College, Abeokuta.

They came for a Muslim programme called Tarjuud which was to start by 12am but were still outside around 10:30 pm, waiting for 12am to enter a mosque where the programme will take place before the incident happened.

Alcoholic drinks were found in the car and unfortunately the driver of the car could not be located.

Temitope shared her grief in a post via Facebook. She claimed that no blood was found on the scene because the girls were used for ritual by Yahoo boys. She wrote:

So hard to say Rip to u girls, I never knew d day u attend my sis wedding will b d last day we would see, I really love you and miss u (7 heart at a time) you only went to mosque to serve d almighty Allah for tahjud u were performing ablution to pray ,wen dis avensis car kill 7peopls at a time,one still in coma and notin happen to dis yahoo guys at olorunsogo central mosque Abeokuta.

i never believed nt until wen I got to ur school and see thousand of people, still don’t believe wen Dey took us to were d accident happen nt until wen I got to Fmc idi aba abeokuta were I saw u girls dead, some in pieces. We called dis iku sheidih in Islam, may Allah grant u aljana fridauos and console we families dat dis happen to. Bt am sure insha Allah if those yahoo boys use u all for sacrifice, Dey will die in jail bcoz no single drop of blood where d accident happen. Bt Allah knows all. Rest in peace to u all

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