Rat Rescued From Manhole By A Team Of Firefighters (photos)

In Bensheim, a German town inrescue workers received a very unusual call , when a chubby rat needed help after getting stuck halfway out of a sewer manhole.

The local professional animal rescue in Rhein Neckar, Mr Sehr, was already at the scene but could not free the fat rodent from the top of the manhole cover.

It took 8 firefighters and an animal expert to take out the manhole cover and propped on wedges while Mr Sehr managed to bring the rat out.

The animal rescuer, Michael Sehr told local media:

She had a lot of winter flab and was stuck fast at her hip – there was no going forward or back.

A fairly large rescue operation ensued leading some to question why all the effort was spent on saving a sewer rat.

Mr Sehr responded:

Even animals that are hated by many deserve respect.

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