Nigerian Church Based In The Uk Goes Under Investigation Over Money Allegation

UK-based Nigerian church, SPAC Nation, was probed by the British government over allegations of asking it’s congregation to sell their own blood to raise funds for the church and also accused of asking it’s members to take out loans in order to pay for the church’s lavish spending.

SPAC Nation admits that it is facing some challenges with the reported investigation by the United Kingdom but claims the investigation is because they are blacks. The founder of the church, Tobi Adegboyega, said the church is fighting what he called beasts which include envy, falsehood and incompetence.

Adegboyega, while expressing optimism about the church being victorious in the fight released a photograph and videos of members worshipping on Sunday, December 15, to prove that it is not really perturbed by its current plight. The church said:

Latest survey reveals culprits behind most sexual abuse on campuses. We will not stop doing what is right!! Fighting the beasts (envy, falsehood, incompetence, ‘race’, etc.) out here is tough. Every growing movement faces it.

Adegboyega described London as a ‘stabbing city’ with young people dying almost daily despite big budgets. It showed a photograph of some knives and gloves which he took off from the streets and handed over to the police. He said:

We created a new order. No we don’t donate blood, we took these off the street and handed it to the police.

We are young and people of colour so it’s easy to attack us!! It’s still black on black. Black peoples are always the first to jump at unresearched news.

The UK charity commission has ordered the church to bank all its money during the period of the investigation into the financial dealings of the religious institution.

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